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An Update to A Minnie Hochwarter Fund Success Story!

My name is Harmony and I am one year old! If you don’t know me, my story is listed below under “A Minnie Hochwarter Success Story”. It has been a very busy year for me, but now:

*I run & play & run & play & run & play, etc.
*My legs are strong &
*My heart beats strongly & is filled with love & appreciation for all  who made my first birthday possible (the cardiologist said that without surgery I wouldn’t be here to celebrate).

I am a very happy puppy despite all the trauma of my first year. I want to thank everyone who has helped & loved me along the way:

*P.A.W.S. of Tinley Park for taking me in
*My family:  my foster Mom (Sue, who took me to every appointment, medical procedure, treatment & surgery) & Dad
*Aunt Sue
*Grandma and Grandpa (they love to spoil me)
*My siblings (they taught me how to be a dog)
*& finally, all the doctors who put this “Humpty Dumpty” back together

I am a very lucky puppy!  THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

Harmony (2)

A Minnie Hochwarter Fund Success Story!

In March, 2016, P.A.W.S. of Tinley Park responded to a plea from another shelter to take a puppy that could not walk.  They were not financially able to seek the treatment she might need to live a normal life.  Harmony was just 6 weeks old & could barely get around.  Her back legs would drag behind her as she inched herself along.  It was heartbreaking to watch her.  Click here to read the rest of Harmony’s success story!

P.A.W.S.’ Longest Resident Finds Forever Home!

After 993 days at P.A.W.S., Clover, a senior cat, finally found her forever home!  On December 26th, Clover packed her bags and said so long to her shelter days!  She went home with a kind and loving family who have already sent updates showing how Clover has made herself at home and is a beautiful addition to their family!

Congratulations, Clover! You will be missed, but our hearts are bursting with joy for you!  Thank you to the special family who not only chose adoption, but gave a senior pet a wonderful life.


P.A.W.S. Alum Becomes National Search K-9!

Soni, a female German Shepard, was adopted from P.A.W.S. in 2013 by Mr. David Sullivan, a Community United Effort (CUE) Searcher. Mr. Sullivan saw something special in Soni and on November 13, 2015, she tested and passed her Human Remains Detection Certification test.  Soni is now certified to respond to disasters to assist with locating victims.

Congratulations to Mr. Sullivan and Soni.  It just goes to show that shelter dogs can do ANYTHING!






As a non-profit organization, we could not keep our shelter open without the help of our generous Partners. Each of these businesses provides valuable services to the Shelter. From organizing an event or taking care of our animals and the shelter grounds, each of these Partners plays a special role in helping us with our mission of caring for and finding ‘furever’ homes for our animals.